Becoming a member of Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy

Before you start:
So far we have not established a payment method to receive membership fee from overseas. If you live outside Japan and know nobody who can handle the payment in Japan, please contact us to discuss the possible payment method.

JACAP accepts membership application via Google Form or via e-mail. If you prefer Google Form, visit If you prefer e-mail, please send an e-mail to the address below with the required information.

To become a member, you need a recommendation from a full member, and your application must be admitted by the board of trustees. (If you do not know any full member of JACAP, please let us know. Our office secretary can also recommend a new member).

(1) Required information
- name (if in Japanese, both in Kanji and Katakana)
- address
- affiliation
- status at the affiliation
- areas of study
- full member or student member (see below)
- your age as of April 1, in the year when you apply for JACAP (this information is needed because our association have retirement rule for trustee candidates)
- name of the full member who recommends you

(2) Address to send the application
(replace [at] with @ )

(3) Membership categories
Full member: Those with full-time employment (unlimited term)
Student member: all others
Annual membership fee
Full member: 4000 yen
Student member: 2000 yen

(4) Payment of annual membership fee
The fiscal year of JACAP begins in April and ends in March.

Your membership admission process will not be complete unless you pay the membership fee for the fiscal year. Right now, the only way to pay the membership fee is to pay it to our bank account:

Bank : ゆうちょ銀行 (Japan Post Bank)
Account name: 応用哲学会 (Japan Association for Contemporary and Applied Philosophy)
Account number 00990-5-207617

As mentioned before, there is no way of making this payment outside Japan right now. If you live outside Japan, without a friend who can handle the payment in Japan, please contact us for possible solutions.