The Journal

We accept paper submissions to Contemporary and Applied Philosophy around the year. See the following instructions.

Publishing Templates

You nedd to use the specified style for publishing in CAP. The zip file includes both TeX and Microsoft Word templates for Japanese and English.

Papers to be accepted for consideration (English summary of the Rule of Submission and Review of Papers of JACAP)

  1. 1 .Only members of JACAP can submit a paper, unless the editorial board invites the submission.
  2. 2. The categories of submission are: articles, book reviews, survey papers, research notes, and discussions.
  3. 3. The maximum length is 60000 characters in Japanese or 20000 words in English for all the categories.
  4. 4. We accept only Japanese or English manuscripts.
  5. 5. You can include tables, pictures, sounds and videos as supplementary files to the submitted paper. There is no limit on the number of supplementary files.
  6. 6. References: After your paper is accepted for publication, please format your list of references according to the template provided.
  7. 7. Abstract: Please attach an abstract in English to your paper. (less than 100 words if the paper is in English, 300 words if the paper is Japanese)
  8. 8. Keywords: Please attach a list of keywords (five or less) to your paper.

About submission

This document is written to provide information to applicants how to submit a paper to Contemporary and Applied Philosophy (CAP), the journal of Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy. Let us know if you find any unclear explanation, or something to be added or improved in this instruction.

On the change of the procedure for submitting a manuscript to the journal CAP

October 1st, 2011
Tadashi Mino, Editor in Chief of CAP
We inform that the board of trustees approved the following change on 25 June 2011: the submission rule used to be such that a manuscript accepted to publish in CAP had to be converted into TeX by the authors themselves. The board decided to change the available form of submission manuscript, noticing that every author does not have sufficient competence in TeX.
As TeX version of a submission manuscript can be accepted as before, the Microsoft Word format is also acceptable in addition. The template for the CAP papers is made available from the editorial board. We will send it if you like when your paper is accepted.
With the changes above, we stopped the service to convert a file into TeX for accepted papers in the author's behalf. We appreciate your understanding.

1. About CAP

CAP was planned and has been issued as an exclusively electric journal without a paper version. CAP is published with the academic e-publishing system, Open Journal System (OJS in the following)running on the server in the Kyoto University Library Network.

For the details of OJS, please consult the developer’s website, Public Knowledge Project , or the manual in Japanese at the project of Development of a Journal Editing and Publishing System, field 2, Outsourcing project, Next-Generation Academic Information Infrastructure (CSI) mainly organized by Waseda university.

Paper submission to CAP started from October 1st, 2008. After the submission, each paper is reviewed, edited and published in order. There is no deadline for submission, except for some special issues.

2. How to use OJS

User registration is required before using OJS for CAP. Follow the links “Login” to “Not a user? Register with this site” or simply click the "Register" link and fill in the form.

There are two points to be noted in registration.

First, about choosing your user name:

OJS, running on the server of the Kyoto University Library Network, is a system shared by different journals, not only for CAP. A user name registered for this journal is used not only for CAP but for other journals in the same system, and vice versa. That is, the user name is unique among all the users of the system, not only among the users of CAP.

Please obey the following naming rule, in order to avoid the shortage of simple user names. Please avoid registering simple user name.

The naming rule: cap + membership number + a sequence of any characters (e.g. Cap003knzk etc.. Your number of membership is identical with the number sent when your membership acceptance was informed.)

Second, user status:

There are the check buttons for choosing the roles you can take for the journal. To help the editorial process, we would like to have as many reviewers as possible. Please choose all of the buttons, reader, author and reviewer.

3. submission manuscript and publishing manuscript

Before a paper is published on CAPE, the author of the paper should submit two manuscripts.

submission manuscript: The manuscript for refreeing. The style of the file is not restricted, so please use the style that suits you.

publishing manuscript: this is the file you submit after the paper is accepted for publication., which will actually be distributed and viewed. For the uniformity of the journal style, we ask the authors to adopt a specific style.

4. How to submit a manuscript

Log in OJS for CAP and select the link “author” from the page “user home”. Click the link "start a new submission", then upload a PDF file of your paper, following the instruction.

There is a submission checklist in the "Step 1" page, which is unfortunately shown in Japanese even in the English setting. The check points are:

When the submission procedure on OJS is completed, the confirmation is going to be sent to the user via email. From that time, reviewer selection and review procedure start immediately. Whether a paper is accepted or rejected, the editorial board will email the result.

5. How to publish the paper

Once the paper is accepted for publication, please prepare the publication manuscript using the template. We provide templates in TeX format and Microsoft Word format. Please choose the one that is easier for you to work on.

Again, the publishing manuscript should be submitted in PDF format. In preparing it, we may ask you to insert some meta data. In some cases, we may also ask the submission of TeX file or Microsoft Word file. Please follow the direction of the assigned editor for details.

In any case, the paper published and distributed is the PDF file ( either the file you submit or a file produced from the file you submit).

6. FAQ about submission to CAP

Q1. How can I create a PDF file?
In the case of Mac OSX, there is a default function of the OS to compose a PDF file. If Windows is in use, one of the best recommendations is OpenOffice.Org, which is open-source and compatible with Microsoft Word. This software is equipped with the function to convert a file into a PDF. Besides, for Mac OSX is available, too.

revised on June 2015
Editor-in-Chief, Tatsuya Kashiwabata