Open Journal Systems 復旧のお知らせ

  1. 今後新たに投稿なさる方は従来どおりOJSを介してご投稿ください。OJS停止中に事務局宛で投稿くださった方は、あらためてOJSに論文を投稿いただく必要はありません。(なお、OJS停止前にOJSに投稿してくださった論文は、現在OJSを経由せずに査読を進めています。そのため現在のOJSの表示にご論文の状態が正確に反映されないことが考えられます。どうかご容赦ください。)


  2. まだOJSにアカウントをお持ちでない会員の方は、OJS復旧のこの機会にぜひ、
  3. すでにアカウントをお持ちの方で、ユーザの役割としてまだ「査読者」をチェックしていらっしゃらない方は、「ユーザホーム」から「ユーザ情報の編集」に行き、査読者登録をしてくださるとたいへん助かります(査読可能な分野を示唆していただけるとなお助かります)。

Contemporary and Applied Philosophy をよりよい雑誌にするためには、会員のみなさまのお力添えが不可欠です。上記の2と3もご一考くださいますよう重ねてお願い申しあげます。


応用哲学会編集委員長 柏端達也

Open Journal Systems (OJS) in Kyoto University have been recovered.

It is confirmed that there is no trouble in operation, we change the submission process to Contemporary and Applied Philosophy that we had announced on October 5th 2014, to the following one:

  1. 1. A paper should be submitted via OJS as before. The submitted papers via email during OJS suspension do not have to be submitted again via OJS. In the case of the submitted papers before OJS suspension, they are being reviewed without using OJS at the moment. Because of it, we are afraid that the submission status of your paper is not displayed on OJS. Thank you for understanding.

    In addition, we would like members of JACAP to ask for the following:

  2. 2. If you do not have an account of OJS, we highly recommend you to register it after reading the below:
  3. 3. If you do have your own account but do not register as a reviewer yet, it will be a great help if you check the “reviewer” on “edit users’ information” from “user home” (much better if you write the areas you can review.)

Your support is essential for Contemporary and Applied Philosophy to keep improved. Please consider them. Thank you.

November 6th, 2014

Editor- in - Chief Tatsuya Kashiwabata